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Tai Chi classes for beginners 

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Taichi Introductory Course (English/Latvian)

6 lessons in total. New group on Wednesdays 6 p.m. - currently open for registration (3-6 participants must sign up). Using the acquired knowledge - in the final lesson of the course, each participant creates his own sequence of Taiji (Tai Chi) movements, to be practiced daily. Outdoor lessons - in Ebelmuiža park, Ziepniekalns, Riga or Maras garden, Tornkalns, Riga  Sign up here...

How are regular Taiji lessons for a group of beginners conducted?

All groups usually start learning the art of Taiji (Tai Chi) with Taiji Introductory course during 6 lessons we learn in detail the complex of Taiji (Tai Chi) warm-up exercises, the sequence of simple movements.

This is the description for the  course that will be taught in both languages: Latvian and English. For many years this has been developed and conducted by Taiji teacher Evita in Latvia and abroad.

During Tai Chi (Taiji) lessons, we practice exercises to get in the mood for the day, renew or balance energy in accordance with the rhythms of nature.

What is Taiji (Tai Chi) and what can knowing the basics of Taiji give me?

Here are some insights and benefits:

 ☯️Taiji is gentle physical exercises that exercise the whole body;

☯️ Taiji is also like a sequence of dynamic stretching movements;

☯️ Each posture flows into the next without pause, ensuring that your body is in constant motion;

☯️ Taiji practice will develop endurance without straining;

☯️ Taijii will help you to become strongly aware of the center of the body - the feeling of presence "here and now", which will improve balance in everyday life, reducing the risk of injuries and falls;

☯️ Today, Taiji practice is also included in many recommendations for health prevention, physical activity guidelines;

☯️ Regular Taiji lessons allow you to maintain the results of the treatment and rehabilitation process on a daily basis.

If you don't have time to attend classes for a long time - then I invite you to learn the basic skills in the Taiji introductory course, in order to continue practicing independently afterwards.

In the 1. lesson of Taji Introductory course we will cover

☯️ Taiji philosophy, basic concepts and a set of warm-up exercises.

The description of the entire course in English will soon be available here. You are welcome to explore our Instagram page and get the insights of our curriculum, classes etc.

The Taiji Introductory Course is followed by the Taiji Basic Course, during which, in regular lessons, we gradually learn more than 108 sequences of movements in the Old Long Yang style, as well as movement elements and individual fragments of Taiji dance with a fan, Taiji with an umbrella, etc.

After completing the Taiji Basic Course (once you have mastered the entire long sequence of 108 movements), you can continue lessons in the Taiji practice group (Taji lessons with prior knowledge)

It is possible to learn Taiji (Tai Chi) in individual lessons, seminars, during summer camp and remotely in an online Tai Chi studio.

Regular classes take place 1 or 2 times a week. Length of 1 lesson up to 1,5 hours. (1 hour during winter season)


If it is not possible to attend regular weekly classes, then it is possible to learn the old  long 108+ sequences of Yang Taiji style in one-two-day seminars. Each part of the basic course (long sequence) is devoted to 2 seminar days. To learn the warm-up exercises and basic steps, it is recommended to attend the Taiji introductory course seminar (2 days) or learn independently in the form of a video course in the Taiji studio online (


Participation fee for introductory course of six slasses: 75 EUR.

Tai Chi classes are taught outdoors, in the park.

Current location is : Māras garden nerby Maras pond, Āgenskalns/Torņkalns, Rīgas, also in  Ēbeļmuižas parks, Ziepniekkalns, Rīga, but it is under construction now.

To apply for Tai Chi beginner classes - sign up here

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